Registered Nurse - Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program

The BHIP Nurse in the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic is a vital member of the Mental Health Team who works in collaboration with licensed independent providers to assure high quality care to the Veteran with psychiatric diagnoses/mental health needs.
The BHIP nurse works closely with an interdisciplinary team framework to help foster independent living through appropriate management of the client's mental illness by providing assessments, planning, interventions, and evaluation of treatment.
The Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program (BHIP) Nurse will perform nursing care functions and interdisciplinary collaborations within the outpatient mental health setting that includes the following:
o The Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program (BHIP) Nurse performs patient triage, preventative health screening, participates in goal setting and program planning interventions, and provides patient education.
He/she is responsible for maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment.
o Provides outreach to clients who are having problems with treatment adherence and coordinates with other agencies by making referrals to provide patients with necessary community resources.
o Refers to, consults with, and coordinates care with other VA health care providers.
Assesses patients and provides additional support between scheduled visits.
o Acts as a liaison to the Inpatient Psychiatry Unit to facilitate continuity of care by:
providing report for inpatient admission and receiving report from inpatient unit on discharges to the community.
o Performs emergency triage assessments on walk-ins, and patients who are in crisis coordinating care with the psychiatrist and other treatment providers to address patient needs/concerns.
o The Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program (BHIP) Nurse coordinates the teaching of medication compliance techniques that foster a greater emphasis on rehabilitative approaches and skill development designed for improved self-care in the outpatient setting.
o The Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program (BHIP) Nurse performs and tracks all clinical reminder activities that include depression screenings, pain screenings, suicidal ideation screenings, alcohol and drug use screenings, TBI screenings, HIV screenings, hepatitis screenings, and other specific program related screenings.
o The Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program (BHIP) Nurse constructs a triage assessment plan to include reason for visit, vital signs, compliance with appointments, clinical monitoring of medication compliance, pertinent lab work, clinical reminder activity, patient education, and action plan for Veteran.

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