Electrical Worker

The incumbent serves as an electrical worker in a commercial/light industrial setting, performing tasks involved in the operation, maintenance and repair of the Martinsburg VAMC Electrical System.
Incumbent will be assigned to the Electric Shop.
Incumbent may be required to perform duties normally assigned to other engineering shops on an emergency basis or as mission dictates.
Incumbent is required to perform the following:
Assist WG-10 electrician or higher in the operation, maintaining, repairing and modifying high voltage equipment and circuits.
Job responsibility starts at the VAMC 15KV switches for Service A and Service B.
This electrical service feeds the 12.
47KV service switchgear including 3000 KVA transformers rated at 480Y/277 volts, and feeds multiple other transformers of various sizes and associated auxiliary equipment rated up to 6000 amps 2.
Troubleshoot and diagnose all equipment as assigned and make repairs as necessary, to include but not limited to lighting, switches, receptacles, kitchen equipment, washers/dryers and assist WG-10 electrician or higher with generators, transfer switches, switch gear, pump motors, elevators, automatic doors, medical equipment, fire alarm system, etc.
along with various other repairs as determined by the Electrical Supervisor.
Assist WG-10 electrician in accomplishing electrical work on construction alterations, maintenance and repair projects and does a wide variety of electrical work to include installation of EMT, rigid and flexible conduit.
Makes installation of interior and exterior wiring to include but not limited to 120v, 208v, 277v, 480v, low voltage wiring (CAT5 cable) and control wiring as per NEC.
Manage work orders assigned by using VISTA (view, keep time, annotate work completed and close work orders, etc.
) 5.
Monthly operation, loading and record readings on generators in accordance with policies and procedures.
Perform routine scheduled preventive maintenance.
Perform various maintenance tasks on elevators to include but not limited to cleaning shafts, weekly inspections, minor adjustments, verify proper operation and assisting qualified licensed technicians with repairs.
Work from wiring diagrams.
Ability to select and use hand tools, power tools, and test equipment in the course of assignments and repairs.
Occasionally assist WG-10 electrician in the install of new equipment and systems that fall within the scope of journeyman level work as determined by the Electrical Supervisor.
Monitor and communicate with appropriate persons per medical center policy concerning station fire alarms, disaster notification and various other alarm systems.
Perform all operations in a safe and efficient manner.
The use of PPE where required and defined by policy and procedures is mandatory.
Various housekeeping functions within the assigned work areas, as they relate to the overall mission of FMS and the Martinsburg VAMC.
May be required to wear a respirator in the performance of their duties.
Other duties as assigned by the Electrical Supervisor.
Work Schedule:
00am - 4:
30pm Monday - Friday Position Description Title/PD#:
Electrical Worker/08549A

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