This position functions as a cashier in the Fiscal Service of the Martinsburg VA Medical Center.
The incumbent serves as cashier, processing receipts and disbursements such as patient funds, mileage payments to veterans, incentive therapy payments, charges for medical record copies, etc.
Keep ledgers up to date and accurate, as they are both subject to audits.
Required to assume personal financial responsibility for any monetary loss due to the operation of this position, including personal funds of patients and the various accountable forms needed to perform this function.
Must insure that all security precautions are met:
door keys and combinations to safe are changed at least yearly or as reassignments of cashiers occur:
the door remains locked and closed at all times to prevent unauthorized access.
Provides information to veterans upon request such as balance, payments made, etc.
Explains regulations and requirements to persons who owe charges and are unable or unwilling to pay.
Must be able to perceive the customer's degree of understanding and the temperaments of these persons and initiate conversations accordingly.
Incumbent must make contact in person, by letter or by telephone with veterans, their families and their legal representatives, personnel from private industry, and various VA staff.
Work Schedule:
1 st Shift 8:
00 am to 4:
30 pmPosition Description Title/PD#:
Cashier, 08375-0

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