Medical Support Assistant

These positions are located in Medical Service and Long Term Care Service.
The incumbent has responsibility for carrying out administrative duties within the Service directly related to patient care and treatment.
Duties include:
Performs work involving the collection, compilation, and/or tracking of data and statistical information in support of an organization's program operation.
Assists in the planning, review, and reporting of data/statistical results of program/project studies.
Establishes protocols for incoming data, organizes computerized data sets, and retrieves computerized data.
Performs basic analysis of data and generates a variety of reports.
Evaluates documents, such as requests for examinations, to ensure proper selection of examination requests as well as any ancillary work ups.
Coordinates incoming data from a variety of sources.
Reviews documents, reports, and/or applications for omissions and inconsistencies, and ensures data entry is compete and accurate.
Enters pertinent information into an automated tracking system.
Maintains automated system of program-specific data to track suspenses on items such as medical opinions, clarifications, claim files, etc.
Performs work related to development of program information and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development in the program area.
Readily available to assist the medical staff in all areas requiring clarification of new and existing policies, procedures, and regulations.
Ensures special or individual written instructions for non-routine and complex requirements.
Receives all request for C&P, IDES, Quick Start and Agent Orange and Gulf War Registry Exams, Radiation, and other medical subspecialty examinations.
Reviews the type of examination, and/or special test request, and determines action required.
Schedules veterans for their appropriate examination and notifies veterans of reporting instructions and instructions for appropriate examinations.
Assures scheduling is applied as provided in VA manuals and operating instructions, dependent on whether claims are original, reopened appeals, or reviews.
Informs veterans of eligiblity in regards to travel benefits.
Advises on such items as procedures for filing claims; appeal rights; request for explanations as to why a veteran must report for an examination, what will happen to their claims if they fail to report for examinations.
Inquiries as to the status of C&P examinations, specialty examinations; explanation of various test preparations and procedures; release of information; eligibility for outpatient treatment; and congressional inquiries on various cases.
Work Schedule:
Monday-Friday 8:
00 a.
- 4:
30 p.

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